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June 18, 2017


I was standing in the kitchen thinking about the law of attraction, making some coffee and doing mundane kitchen things. Typically during mundane tasks, my mind floats around to philosophy and I try to use those mundane moments to autocorrect my mental habits.  I started thinking about flowing love out to all people of the world and life, and how everything is two things, the thing we want and the absence of that thing, promising myself… I’ll keep on my mental gratitude lists and having better feeling thoughts for my own personal life.

In a flash, I had my mind on a particular person. I had not seen or heard from in a long time, and rather unsure of the relationship in a general way. I sent waves of love from my mind to that person and mentally sent the message that only love flows from me to you. It was that moment when I heard a ding on my phone with a message from that person.  All this happened within a mere 2 minutes.

Skeptics say it's a coincidence but every day we are connected in ways beyond our comprehension. This isn’t new for me; I have had this happen before. We get busy with life and forget to notice these cool little things that happen in our moment-to-moment reality. It’s fun for me to slow down and notice. This gives meaning to my life. Our thoughts connect us to each other. We create each other and our experience together through our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  

I challenge you to start noticing your thoughts and feelings intimately and regularly. Examine the contents of your conscious mind.  Send love mentally outward with no expectation of receiving anything back. Do this with especially challenging relationships and world events. It’s easy to do when things are seemingly going your way, so that’s too easy. Seriously, way too easy.

Just one week.  See what happens. If you already have mastery at this please share some cool story with me. I am always looking for new tricks!


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