The Air Is Different Here

September 5, 2016


Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun…. and sleep, which is also pretty fun. I doubt I can remember the last time I ever slept so well. I mean that deep relaxing sleep, not from complete exhaustion or anything, just intoxicating air and a good vibe.

We dropped off  JT and TO in NY and we headed to Nantucket on Aloha One for another adventure. I have never been there and didn't know what to expect.

So far this is probably the best time I can remember on a gig since my old Golden Door Spa At Sea Days in the 1990’s. We stepped away from the usual workouts, rented bikes and went for long walks on the trails. It turns out there are amazing bike paths all over the island.  SX was skillfully riding with the baby in the Co-Pilot seat. It was impressive; the core work was apparently working.  The views were stunning and the weather was perfect.  We make it to our cottage just in time for cocktail hour and dinner. Rough life.


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