Sharing the Light

September 5, 2016


While I am having the time of my life, I’m still trying to make sure I’m working and by that I mean doing “the work”.  I can't say I have ever done only one thing in this field. It’s the combination of studying science, humanities, alternative and mainstream fitness among other things. In my case, it’s about helping others in whatever capacity is needed at the time.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a lovely home in Nantucket for a party, we decided to bring our Cold Lasers and see if this might be a helpful alternative for anyone at the party who might need a little tune up. I swear by my Cold Laser and so does MJ.  I actually sleep with mine.  I was set up to work on a few people in a beautiful spare room. Just a little Reiki, Cold laser, Compassion and Aloha.

It was nice to have a little time back in the quiet room. While I don’t miss doing massage therapy right now, I do miss the healing environment created with each client. This was nice. Turns out it helped and my new friends are already getting themselves a laser from Dr. Pat.  Sharing the light and back on Aloha One for our next adventure.

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