Blueberry Vodka

September 5, 2016


As usual we have our share of delightful food and drink.  Sadly, for me the wine is wasted. I drink it purely to be social and get a buzz on. As for the hard stuff, I just can’t hang.  It has to be doctored up so it doesn't taste like booze and of course there is the headache and the chance of vomiting.  Water and then I moderate.  So it was a nice surprise to be turned on to Blueberry Vodka, which happens to be distilled on Nantucket Island.  It ‘s actually purple, and doesn’t taste like booze at all.  I had it with lemonade and I had to work hard to remind myself that it wasn’t Kool Aid.  It was so good, I could have been dancing on tables had I not been in Nantucket and trying to fit in.  And while I should probably be giving fitness advice, I am going to share the website of this stuff for friends who like a nice drink once in a while.


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