Taking It Easy

August 29, 2016


I was actually kind of relieved when I decided it was best go to Connecticut and stay close to my clients while they visit the family for 3 nights. Luckily they had an extra bedroom in the resort and I was happy to know they had a gym and we could continue the “calorie balancing act” we were working on in NYC.  Although sad to leave NYC and the Park Hyatt, I think all four of us were grateful for the time and ready for another adventure. It was the baby’s 2nd birthday and there were big plans on the horizon. The car came for us and within a few hours we were in Westbrook. SX family treated me as if I were already part of the family; we had amazing Thai food because they are from Thailand originally. The fresh home cooked food was easy on all our waistlines, although we all couldn't stop eating it because it was so delicious. We worked out everyday at least a bit and of course had a wonderful party for the baby. It was nice to be around family, even if it wasn’t technically my family. Packed up and ready to go, we head to the Aloha One and fly to our next adventure.

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