Pizza and Family

August 29, 2016


It had been 2 long years since I saw my family in NJ, so I was very happy at the thought of being in NYC working, because I knew in just a half hour or less we would get to meet up.  I figured my parents who never, ever venture into NYC wouldn't show, but my older sister, niece and anyone who could, would make to see me.  I waited anxiously in my suite.

Turns out my parents along with my cousin, nephew, great niece, and my good friend JR and her son all arrived at once!  It was like a big surprise party! 

It was hot as balls outside so we stayed at the fabulous suite and then had a pizza down the street at Angelos!  There is nothing better than NY Pizza, and it was the second time that day I had Pizza.  It really does a body good as far as I am concerned.

You really can’t be depressed and eat pizza either. It's a happy fun food.

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