Never Kiss and Tell

August 29, 2016


I knew I couldn’t go to NYC and not connect with old special friend from my past.

So I immediately sent BMC a message the night I landed, while I probably should have given more notice, I was thrilled when BMC said he would come into the city to have drinks, yes I know… more drinks …and dinner. We’ll talk about how to stay lean and have fun in a later post. But for now my friend who pretty much deserves a solitary post is my focus. I haven't seen him in two years and then some many years before that and then some many, many years before that even. I guess you could say it’s school girl crush that has lasted about 30 something years, literally since I was in high school. The minute he shows up it is as if no time has passed.  We move right into catching up, he knows the city and can show me all the fun areas I had no idea existed. Damn it!  I have such a great suite; it would be shame to waste it. What is a girl supposed to do? So of course we go out and maybe in…you know I will never tell. But I will say that he came to see me three times in that fancy hotel during my stay and there was sweat involved at some point.

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