Am I Dreaming?

August 29, 2016

I had no idea if he would even remember me and even if he didn’t, he sure was sweet enough to say he did. I worked at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua for many years and I may have taught or privately trained hundreds of celebrities.  I honestly can only remember a few of them, a couple of Kennedy’s and Arianna Huffington who were my favorites. But one I remember most who came to our Spa and Fitness center is Joe Torre. When I found out MJ was tight with him and we were picking him up in Aloha One I was pretty delighted. True to form, he was just as funny and in the flow of life and love I as I remembered. He brought a friend TO with him who happened to be from Jersey, so we all got real pretty quickly. We were all headed to Peoria Illinois for a Maui Jim Golf Charity Event to raise funds for the Children’s Home. From the plane we headed to our hotel and then within and hour we were at the Peoria Country Club for what I can only say “WOW” this was an incredible event of the highest caliber.  The evening event had an auction to raise funds, complete with a Luau; you would have thought you were at the Feat at Lela on Maui. The next day is a Charity Golf Event with all the golf stars, of course I have no idea who they are…but trust me this is no joke, MJ is serious about giving back and the Children’s Home is a priority. I was overwhelmed with joy and tearfully watched from a great seat what charitable things people will do to help the world without asking anything in return. It was like a wonderful dream you don't want to wake up from.

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