Crying on the 22nd Floor

August 25, 2016


I was ready to leave the dry heat of Denver just as my skin was starting to look my actual age. Headed to NYC, close to my hometown of Rutherford NJ, we landed at Teterboro. I remember driving by it many times as a kid and as a teenager, many drunken nights at White Castle. I was feeling nostalgic but thrilled to have some time in the city.


Again, having no idea what to expect, we made it to our hotel, The Park Hyatt. I was shown to my room and I started crying, I know the woman who took me in thought I was nuts, but I never imagined or have been treated so wonderfully.  I ran over to my clients’ room and hugged them.  I am learning to accept the gifts others are sharing.  I can only hope to share it back with my service. 


We have 6 nights coming up, but first I need to check out the gym on the 25th floor overlooking Central Park.  Yes, I could stay in this gym all day. I hope my clients want to be in it as much as I do.  But Central Park is waiting also and we can get our cardio on all together!  This is going to be fun!

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