It's the age old question. For as long as I can remember people have asked me this and everyday people still ask. Trainers disagree and usually their answer is based on personal bias or what they were told by their trainer. This age old question?  

Should I do Cardio before Resistance Training or Resistance Training before Cardio?  You can look it up, ask around for answers all over the internet, you'll find many answers that seem reasonable. I just came across this abstract on the latest study you can read for yourself. While it is still only one study It brings us much closer to an answer. This study was done on men who were healthy trained individuals.

According to this latest information, It looks like this:

These results indicat...

When I found out that there was a golf tournament the morning after the Children’s Home evening benefit, I knew I had to make sure we all made it to the gym very early the next morning, I barely had any of the awesome wine and desserts at the Luau. You see, food and alcohol can give me a pretty bad body hangover in general, and believe it or not in my former life, just a few weeks ago, I was not a big cocktail person at all.  Many friends have seen me ill from just a few drinks. In order to work in my business, I have to be pretty clean. The other thing is that I just don't consider golfing a strenuous sport, not enough to forgo a workout.  I basically think “Happy Gilmore” and “Bob Barker” when anyone mentions the G word to me. So as far as I w...

On International Yoga Day, it's nice to be mentioned in this new article by Jessica Matthews and the American Council on Exercise this month!


In addition to understanding biomechanics and basic alignment principles, it’s crucial to offer progressions and regressions of each pose in order to best serve a wide variety of students, says Claudia Micco, E-RYT 500, YogaFit master trainer and wellness program coordinator for The Ritz Carlton Spa and Resort in Kapalua, Maui. “Providing modifications allows your students to let the pose fit their bodies without trying to force or strain into a position.” In addition to adapting the postures to allow for steadin...

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