It was a casual opportunity and a word of mouth recommendation from a friend.

I was privately training some amazing clients in their home 3 days a week since June.

I knew they had a heavy travel schedule, but something just clicked, I liked their vibe, and think they liked me also. I figured I would just do something else while they are traveling on the road. 

That’s when the universe opened up.  My clients asked me if I was interested in coming along on a two-month trip with them in an effort to keep our program going while they are on the road

It took me 5 minutes to decide in my head.

Two hours later I was agreeing to go.  Three weeks later I found myself on a private jet.  Headed to Denver business and pleasure….

First stop of many to come.

I quit my job…. Yes, I quit my job!

I decided to take a flying leap literally. For some reason the universe opened up its arms and said “it’s all going to OK”. 

After over 30 years in the fitness industry I might just have found my favorite job ever.   Its not for the weak though, not a good job if you are inflexible and intolerant.  If you can't take a joke or a drink, or if you are afraid to eat awesome food in fancy restaurants or sleep late in a fabulous hotel.  This job would suck for you.

Luckily I have always had a taste for travel, fitness and adventures where I don’t know what is coming next or who I might meet along the way.

I think I found my best job so far. 

I took my own advice and took a leap of faith. One day a few weeks ago I had finished training two of my clients at their home, when out of the blue they asked me to come long with them on a two month travel excursion. It took me by surprise to say the least. But after about an hour of rolling it over in my head I decided to say yes. I quit my corporate fitness spa job after 15 years, which was something I was not achieving any growth in some time anyway, I thought, "Fuck it, you only live once" and how often do these offers come around anyway??? 

So I am taking this training on the road, I have full suitcase of toys, fitness toys that is....bands and such, things you can do anything in a hotel gym and in a room.

On International Yoga Day, it's nice to be mentioned in this new article by Jessica Matthews and the American Council on Exercise this month!


In addition to understanding biomechanics and basic alignment principles, it’s crucial to offer progressions and regressions of each pose in order to best serve a wide variety of students, says Claudia Micco, E-RYT 500, YogaFit master trainer and wellness program coordinator for The Ritz Carlton Spa and Resort in Kapalua, Maui. “Providing modifications allows your students to let the pose fit their bodies without trying to force or strain into a position.” In addition to adapting the postures to allow for steadin...

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