When I found out that there was a golf tournament the morning after the Children’s Home evening benefit, I knew I had to make sure we all made it to the gym very early the next morning, I barely had any of the awesome wine and desserts at the Luau. You see, food and alcohol can give me a pretty bad body hangover in general, and believe it or not in my former life, just a few weeks ago, I was not a big cocktail person at all.  Many friends have seen me ill from just a few drinks. In order to work in my business, I have to be pretty clean. The other thing is that I just don't consider golfing a strenuous sport, not enough to forgo a workout.  I basically think “Happy Gilmore” and “Bob Barker” when anyone mentions the G word to me. So as far as I w...

I had no idea if he would even remember me and even if he didn’t, he sure was sweet enough to say he did. I worked at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua for many years and I may have taught or privately trained hundreds of celebrities.  I honestly can only remember a few of them, a couple of Kennedy’s and Arianna Huffington who were my favorites. But one I remember most who came to our Spa and Fitness center is Joe Torre. When I found out MJ was tight with him and we were picking him up in Aloha One I was pretty delighted. True to form, he was just as funny and in the flow of life and love I as I remembered. He brought a friend TO with him who happened to be from Jersey, so we all got real pretty quickly. We were all headed to Peoria Illinois for a Maui J...

I was actually kind of relieved when I decided it was best go to Connecticut and stay close to my clients while they visit the family for 3 nights. Luckily they had an extra bedroom in the resort and I was happy to know they had a gym and we could continue the “calorie balancing act” we were working on in NYC.  Although sad to leave NYC and the Park Hyatt, I think all four of us were grateful for the time and ready for another adventure. It was the baby’s 2nd birthday and there were big plans on the horizon. The car came for us and within a few hours we were in Westbrook. SX family treated me as if I were already part of the family; we had amazing Thai food because they are from Thailand originally. The fresh home cooked food was easy on all our...

I knew I couldn’t go to NYC and not connect with old special friend from my past.

So I immediately sent BMC a message the night I landed, while I probably should have given more notice, I was thrilled when BMC said he would come into the city to have drinks, yes I know… more drinks …and dinner. We’ll talk about how to stay lean and have fun in a later post. But for now my friend who pretty much deserves a solitary post is my focus. I haven't seen him in two years and then some many years before that and then some many, many years before that even. I guess you could say it’s school girl crush that has lasted about 30 something years, literally since I was in high school. The minute he shows up it is as if no time has passed.  We move right into ca...

It had been 2 long years since I saw my family in NJ, so I was very happy at the thought of being in NYC working, because I knew in just a half hour or less we would get to meet up.  I figured my parents who never, ever venture into NYC wouldn't show, but my older sister, niece and anyone who could, would make to see me.  I waited anxiously in my suite.

Turns out my parents along with my cousin, nephew, great niece, and my good friend JR and her son all arrived at once!  It was like a big surprise party! 

It was hot as balls outside so we stayed at the fabulous suite and then had a pizza down the street at Angelos!  There is nothing better than NY Pizza, and it was the second time that day I had Pizza.  It really does a body good as far...

If you have known me for any length of time, you might know I made the deliberate decision not to have kids when I was about 12 years old. The thought of being pregnant, having to wake up in the middle of the night and figure out how to make enough money to support a child, oh and of course there is the whole part about having a man…let’s just say, I am an auntie to many.

Having missed out on my sister and my nieces’ kids’ upbringing, I really didn’t know much about the day-to-day workings of a toddler. So when I agreed to accept this mission, it came with 2 adults and a toddler!  But she was pretty cute and very helpful as my Pilates Assistant.

Well, I got lucky here, I found my inner child again in this beautiful little girl. She loves Pilates,...

I was ready to leave the dry heat of Denver just as my skin was starting to look my actual age. Headed to NYC, close to my hometown of Rutherford NJ, we landed at Teterboro. I remember driving by it many times as a kid and as a teenager, many drunken nights at White Castle. I was feeling nostalgic but thrilled to have some time in the city.

Again, having no idea what to expect, we made it to our hotel, The Park Hyatt. I was shown to my room and I started crying, I know the woman who took me in thought I was nuts, but I never imagined or have been treated so wonderfully.  I ran over to my clients’ room and hugged them.  I am learning to accept the gifts others are sharing.  I can only hope to share it back with my service. 

We have 6...

Well I guess I am officially screwed.  I had no idea what to expect when MJ said we were taking a private jet.  I knew that I might have questioned my decision to go on this adventure had we gone commercial.

That I was certain of…TSA, lines screaming babies…Ohm, traveling in the 21st century is not as glamorous as it might sound. I guess I thought we’d be in a little prop plane or something bumping around in the sky while I am holding on to the edge of my seat. Of course it’s not like that at all.

 A private jet is better than I ever imagined and I am screwed forever. 

Who wouldn’t love Denver Colorado? Especially in the summer. We checked into the Grand Hyatt and I immediately headed to the Fitness Center to see what type of goodies they for us to play on this week.  The rooftop had a beautiful running track and tennis courts, there was a pool and a decent Fitness Center with free weights and some machines. 

Of course, we spent our first of many nights having fabulous dinners with the amazing sales team of Zeal Optics, an international crew who knew everything I could have ever wanted to know about the optical world. 

I spent time practicing to speak in my broken German with two gorgeous men from Germany and Austria. If I were only 20 years younger this might have been a different kind of trip! 

Yes, we did...

How is it possible to be so humble and live the high life?

I have always wondered…I was about to find out.

Just off the Aloha One Jet and on the ground in Denver, we are whisked away in a private car, no need to do anything. Just get in and go, my hotel waits.

We get to the Grand Hyatt in Denver. I immediately need to check out the fitness center, I mean I should be spending all my time there with my clients?

“Claudia the gym can wait…Relax and enjoy yourself, have a drink, order room service, whatever you need.”  UMM ok. I guess work can wait.

Of course, we do work we train almost everyday, a little bit here and a little bit there.

The gym at the Grand Hyatt Denver is pretty nice, I have worked in better, but not complaining, just happy I brought a s...

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