I was standing in the kitchen thinking about the law of attraction, making some coffee and doing mundane kitchen things. Typically during mundane tasks, my mind floats around to philosophy and I try to use those mundane moments to autocorrect my mental habits.  I started thinking about flowing love out to all people of the world and life, and how everything is two things, the thing we want and the absence of that thing, promising myself… I’ll keep on my mental gratitude lists and having better feeling thoughts for my own personal life.

In a flash, I had my mind on a particular person. I had not seen or heard from in a long time, and rather unsure of the relationship in a general way. I sent waves of love from my mind to that person and mentally s...

You never know when it will happen...I was walking from my truck into my house and this happened. I took a quick photo with my cell phone, coming off a rather hectic day when I forgot to look up from the ground. We call it the Maui Blessing, you call it rain, which makes a rainbow if you are willing to look beyond your normal state of consciousness. It reminded me that there is always suffering, you can count on it, and if you watch the news you might think there is ONLY suffering, but that is simply not true. Don't wait for suffering to end to find happiness because if you wait for suffering to end, you'll never get a glimpse.

Today start looking for happiness in the the little things. No rain, no rainbows. 

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Aloha isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

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