I was standing in the kitchen thinking about the law of attraction, making some coffee and doing mundane kitchen things. Typically during mundane tasks, my mind floats around to philosophy and I try to use those mundane moments to autocorrect my mental habits.  I started thinking about flowing love out to all people of the world and life, and how everything is two things, the thing we want and the absence of that thing, promising myself… I’ll keep on my mental gratitude lists and having better feeling thoughts for my own personal life.

In a flash, I had my mind on a particular person. I had not seen or heard from in a long time, and rather unsure of the relationship in a general way. I sent waves of love from my mind to that person and mentally s...

You never know when it will happen...I was walking from my truck into my house and this happened. I took a quick photo with my cell phone, coming off a rather hectic day when I forgot to look up from the ground. We call it the Maui Blessing, you call it rain, which makes a rainbow if you are willing to look beyond your normal state of consciousness. It reminded me that there is always suffering, you can count on it, and if you watch the news you might think there is ONLY suffering, but that is simply not true. Don't wait for suffering to end to find happiness because if you wait for suffering to end, you'll never get a glimpse.

Today start looking for happiness in the the little things. No rain, no rainbows. 


It's the age old question. For as long as I can remember people have asked me this and everyday people still ask. Trainers disagree and usually their answer is based on personal bias or what they were told by their trainer. This age old question?  

Should I do Cardio before Resistance Training or Resistance Training before Cardio?  You can look it up, ask around for answers all over the internet, you'll find many answers that seem reasonable. I just came across this abstract on the latest study you can read for yourself. While it is still only one study It brings us much closer to an answer. This study was done on men who were healthy trained individuals.

According to this latest information, It looks like this:

These results indicat...

Carl Powell has been looking to my past, trying to drudge up dirt about me to create fake news stories on the internet. Just kidding...he posted this to my site to remind me that I have been preaching peace, love and compassion for a long time. 


It’s been well over 20 years since I visited Lake Tahoe. Some of my best friends live in Reno and I was thrilled that we’d have some down time. Training on the road has its perks, like an awesome plane, and some minor disadvantages, such as, you never know what exactly what you will do with your clients from day to day; you have to be very creative and flexible about it. You can’t survive with too much rigidity. I have to let go of certain controls as a teacher and go with the flow.

I suppose I have been doing ok so far given I haven’t been sent home on United Coach.  That would be a real ball breaker.  For workouts, I brought my Pilates Toning Tower, which was left on the plane till now. I love my Tower, I swapped the crappy springs it came with...

While I am having the time of my life, I’m still trying to make sure I’m working and by that I mean doing “the work”.  I can't say I have ever done only one thing in this field. It’s the combination of studying science, humanities, alternative and mainstream fitness among other things. In my case, it’s about helping others in whatever capacity is needed at the time.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a lovely home in Nantucket for a party, we decided to bring our Cold Lasers and see if this might be a helpful alternative for anyone at the party who might need a little tune up. I swear by my Cold Laser and so does MJ.  I actually sleep with mine.  I was set up to work on a few people in a beautiful spare room. Just a little Reiki, Cold laser,...

As usual we have our share of delightful food and drink.  Sadly, for me the wine is wasted. I drink it purely to be social and get a buzz on. As for the hard stuff, I just can’t hang.  It has to be doctored up so it doesn't taste like booze and of course there is the headache and the chance of vomiting.  Water and then I moderate.  So it was a nice surprise to be turned on to Blueberry Vodka, which happens to be distilled on Nantucket Island.  It ‘s actually purple, and doesn’t taste like booze at all.  I had it with lemonade and I had to work hard to remind myself that it wasn’t Kool Aid.  It was so good, I could have been dancing on tables had I not been in Nantucket and trying to fit in.  And while I should probably be giving fitness advice,...

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun…. and sleep, which is also pretty fun. I doubt I can remember the last time I ever slept so well. I mean that deep relaxing sleep, not from complete exhaustion or anything, just intoxicating air and a good vibe.

We dropped off  JT and TO in NY and we headed to Nantucket on Aloha One for another adventure. I have never been there and didn't know what to expect.

So far this is probably the best time I can remember on a gig since my old Golden Door Spa At Sea Days in the 1990’s. We stepped away from the usual workouts, rented bikes and went for long walks on the trails. It turns out there are amazing bike paths all over the island.  SX was skillfully riding with the baby in the Co-Pilot seat. It was impressive; the core work w...

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