CLAUDIA MICCO, E-RYT-500 YA (U.S.), Gold ERYT YA (Australia)


Claudia Micco has made a career in the Spa and Fitness industry for over 30 years. Claudia has become a leading expert in this field, travelling extensively through Europe, Asia, Australia and the US, training instructors in Mind/Body Fitness, Holistic Health and Active Aging.

She’s a master trainer and content provider for YogaFit Inc. since 2000.

She holds her ERYT 500 through the Yoga Alliance (YA) US and Australia, American Council On Exercise (ACE) and is a licensed Hypnotherapist and Lomi Lomi Integrative Massage Therapist.

Claudia is the former Wellness Coordinator at the Ritz Carlton Spa in Kapalua Maui and was director of the Strong, Stretched & Centered Mind Body Institute of Maui, where she facilitated 6-week intensive fitness instructor training retreats, specializing in integrating Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga and Meditation into traditional fitness methods and certifications.

She was a residential trainer at both the Rancho La Puerta Spa and the Golden Door Spa at Sea Programs in the 1990’s and coordinated group exercise programs for Gold’s Gym Franchise in Oakland, Berkeley and Marin County CA in her early career.

Currently, Claudia is the owner of “Training With Aloha” and the creator of the HypnoFit method; creating lifelong healthy habits through a combination of self-awareness, muscle building, yoga and mindful movement, accented with massage therapy and an ‘Aloha’ mantra.


           Transform Yourself on Maui!

Come to Maui and transform yourself with Claudia Micco.

If our bodies were made to be exercised. Our brains were made to be exercised. Exercise maintains the body’s and the brain’s ability to move and think. Claudia’s HYPNOFIT method teaches you exercises to improve, stimulate, and maintain the health of your whole being. Her verbal cues are messages of inspiration, information, and scientific theories about how the body works. Through her work-outs you become aware of your brain and how it works. You become aware of your body and how it works and how to take care of them so they can provide you with top performance in all your moving and thinking.


Claudia’s creative blend of:

* Pilates & Weight Training
* Yoga (balance)
* Bioenergetics (stress reduction)
* Tai Chi (relaxation)
* Right/Left Brain exercises (brain strength)
* Affirmations (self motivation)
* Breathing (increased oxygen flow)
* Hypnosis/ Lomi Lomi Massage (body psychology)


Core Strength Functional Strength

Claudia’s HYPNOFIT method approaches fitness from the inside out rather than the outside in. Once you are aware of what is going on inside, it becomes alot easier to take care of the outside. You know what to do, what to say, what to think, to maintain your health. The awareness allows you to change the way you think about your your body.


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